OMGeeeee! Cutest. Thing. Ever.



February is a lame month.  Seriously.  The weather is usually terrible.  The fun holidays are all over (Sorry, I just can’t include Valentine’s Day as a real holiday).  Awful things seem to wait until February to happen.  It doesn’t even have a normal number of days!

This February actually started out relatively okay, for once.  My work with the American Heart Association kept me busy enough in the beginning that I didn’t even realize that it WAS February already.

However, the dulldrums have still managed to find me.  I feel moody and exhausted.  The kids at school seem restless, extra moody, and extra tired.  The teachers seem burnt out.  My motivation to do anything is low.  Frankly, I’d like to just curl up in bed and watch TV or read a good book. But, alas,  life must go on, even though it is February.

At least there are only twelve days left, right?