Classroom Pictures

So, I took all these cool pictures of my classroom using the iPad today. Practicing loading them and figuring it out!










Classroom Organizer Website for Classroom Libraries

The best way so far that I’ve found to keep track of my increasingly massive classroom library is using‘s Classroom Organizer.
It’s really easy to create an account and start organizing your library and checking books out to students. It is really helpful to have a second computer in the room (other than mine) to do this check out process.

I’m still working on typing in ISBN numbers as kids check out books because I wanted to get it started right away. A lot of kids are “getting it” which is good.

I’m hoping they have an iPad compatible scanning app, but I haven’t tried that yet.



Fall is Officially Here

So, I haven’t written since February…I know, I know! But a lot has happened since then.

For instance, I actually started cooking, of all things! Can you believe it? I can’t! Oh, and the food is edible, I promise. My hubby will attest to that.

In April, my school district went on strike. It sucked. It was the shortest strike in state history though, so that was nice– only 3.5 hours! Four months of stress and insanity, but it was all worth it in the end.

We had over one hundred days of no rain. This is pretty incredible in our neck of the woods. Today broke that streak, as Fall has officially arrived– the rain is back. See you in July, sun!

My beloved dad died August 14th. It was the worst day of my life. The last two months have been like slogging through emotional goo, just trying to get by every day. That’s what happens when your dad is so freakin’ awesome. When suddenly he isn’t there anymore, none of us really know how to get back to “normal.” Mom is convinced that he had something to do with the lack of rain for the last two months, since now she has to walk to dog, and it’s much easier to do when it isn’t raining. Plus, Seti (the dog) hates water. Thanks Dad, we appreciated the sun!

Well, that’s enough ruminating for now. I’m going to eat some of this (hopefully) delicious chicken taco soup I made today and watch Fringe or Grimm…or both.

Peace Out, yo.