Say Goodbye to Lost Notebooks!

Notes App:
I like my iPad a lot. It’s so nifty and fast! One thing I love about it is how it keeps my notes for meetings and such in one convenient spot. The Notes app is now full of staff meeting notes, team meeting notes, and a million other meeting notes, instead of me constantly searching for the right notebook or writing on scraps of paper given at the meetings. Now everything is in one spot and it’s great!
It’s also awesome for grocery lists!

Gmail and Google docs:
The iPad is also perfect for meetings because a I can look up Google docs that are being referred to and email admin or other staff on the spot, before I forget. I used my iPad at an intervention meeting and was able to enter data on students right there.

Technology is keeping me from losing important notes, and I can refer to old notes right then. Makes life way easier!


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