Homemade Sandwich Rolls and Trying New Things

One of my favorite meals is slow-cooker pork shoulder. I love it. It is convenient and makes multiple delicious meals, like carnitas, enchiladas, pulled pork, and can be put in marinara sauce. Love it!

I bought a big pork shoulder at Costco earlier in the week, and decided to quarter it and stick some in the crock pot. It made some awesome pork tacos last night, let me tell you! Well, I also used it in a scramble for breakfast, and considering I can’t seem to get enough, I decided pulled pork sandwiches were in order for tonight.

One problem. The hubby had the car for work, and I had forgotten to get sandwich rolls at the store. Our new place isn’t really within walking distance of a grocery store, so I was left with a decision to make– either no pulled pork sandwiches (gasp!), OR I could try my hand at actually making some rolls from scratch. This was a slightly terrifying prospect.

Not to be defeated, and having wanted to try my hand at bread making for a while, I decided to go for it. Only problem was finding a recipe that didn’t use a bread machine, which happened to be more difficult than I anticipated.

Alas, after some searching, I found this great recipe. I’m not going to re-type it here because I pretty much followed it word for word. The only thing I did differently was use all purpose white flour instead of bread flour, and I subbed one cup of white flour for a cup of whole wheat pastry flour. I also sifted both. Otherwise, same recipe!

Boy, oh, boy! While it was a bit intensive and a whole day experience, it was quite worth it!

Makes 12 rolls. Serving size: 1 roll. Calories: 253. Fat: 5.2g. Protein: 7g. Sugars: 1.3g.

They came out well, and a perfect density for my pulled pork! I may have eaten two sandwiches and one roll on its own….but don’t tell anyone! I’m really proud of the results, and now I’m not too scared to make my own bread. 🙂

The other thing I love is I know what went into my rolls. No hidden preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. It’s amazing to think a couple of years ago you couldn’t buy bread at the store without high fructose corn syrup. Things are better now, but finding sandwich rolls without it is still pretty hard. It’s great knowing I’m capable of making something healthy at home on my own. It may not be the most convenient, but I’ll take it! With some practice, it will probably be faster anyway!

So, now I’m full, proud, and sleepy. I hope you try something new today, like I did!


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