Keeping Tabs on Students and Parents

Parents really seem to like it when you respond to them right away. They actually seem thankful and overjoyed in some cases. It’s a lot easier to respond to parents when you have an iPad and gmail and your disposal. I feel like I am able to respond quickly and efficiently. I am also not a huge fan of phone calls, as it easily puts either parent or teacher on the spot. This technology helps so much on that front.

School Fusion
The district has implemented our school fusion pages as a means of communicating with students and parents. These work well for some things, such as if a parent doesn’t have your email address, it is easy to message directly from SF. I haven’t been very good about keeping this up to date, as the setup feels a bit cumbersome to me and it is not easily done on mobile or iPad. I’m hoping to get better working with fusion, as I see its potential to be helpful to both students and parents by posting important information, but so far, I haven’t been a huge fan.